Pull Up Your Drawers

Pull Up Your Draws!

We have been fascinated by the amount of attention that drawers have been getting lately – this amazing idea http://theupcycleblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/drawer-to-night-stand.jpg of using an unwanted, lone drawer and turning it into a book cabinet is truly genius!

There’s also the very cool use of draws in the garden, forget installing costly raised garden beds, use pieces of furniture that are beyond salvage!  http://tracya.hubpages.com/hub/How-to-Build-a-Garden-Box-out-of-a-Dresser and http://adesiretoinspire.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/dressing-up-yard.html

At Green in Mind we are passionate about rescuing even the most shabby of shabby chic furnishings but our ethos of reusing and recycling means we are happy to repurpose materials.  Our most recent creations have included the fusion of two or more items and we’ve chopped and changed units, drawers, legs and counters to create a whole new range of absolutely bespoke and unique pieces. 


We fused, unwanted drawers and cut down a retro wardrobe to create the ON THE RETRO drawer unit.


Fusing furniture together to create new bespoke piece

Our upcycling techniques range from back breaking, unforgiving hand painting onto furnishings


upcycled old school desk


upcycled old school desk open

sams drawer set final

upcycled chest of drawers


To overlaying our furnishings with bespoke designed digital prints

silmaras wood designs three

upcycled sideboard


upcycled chest of drawers

jen mou 1

upcycled chest of drawers


but using traditional paper-based prints and wallpaper is a really good way to make a statement in your home, We have done this in our home.


sideboard with wallpaper

Whatever your project, whatever your budget, there are hints, tips and inspiration at our website www.greeninmind.co.uk and if you are interested in an upcycling project with our Chief Upcycler, Gary Port-Lincoln, drop us an email and we’ll be delighted to explain our bespoke upcycling process.


Well!!! This month has been crazy busy. With the usual rounds of furniture hunting,designing andupcycled-retro-drawer-unit everything in between. This month we have had two very special orders and it all started off with one of my creations from the new range “on the retro” As you can see we haven’t decided on the door handles yet. Any ideas anyone?

Anyway back to the very special orders. The first one came in from our website, Ruby wanted two really long sideboards, she found the first quite easy and with her colour and design ideas I created this really cool look for her.

long-sideboard-ruthThe second sideboard was trickier to create. Ruby saw a lot of cool features in some of our furniture, one being tambour roller doors which she wanted to incorporate into her design. so after trying to change an existing sideboard which wasn’t really working, I decided to suggest to her that I would design her idea from scratch using reclaimed materials. she was very excited and I immediately created a mock-up for her to see.roll door sideboard eventually Ruby decided to have two drawers above the roll doors and chunky flush feet to the side. I will post the dramatic finished look when its done.

Our second lady enquired about another long sideboard, similar in size to ruby’s and luckily we had one left as these sizes don’t come along very often and again after a lengthy discussion we ended up with a totally cool design.

silmaras wood designs three


 Its great to go back on all the designs and have a look at the different designs we have created. I have put them all in our inspirational gallery  go on get creative!!




A huge part of our upcycling work here at Green in Mind involves thriftiness  scavenging, and reusing materials.  We take huge pride in creating one-off bespoke pieces of furniture in the most eco-friendly way possible.


Our workshop is a treasure trove of materials – nothing gets thrown away!  During the reconditioning process we remove and store original handles, hinges, screws and locks and we keep them until they are needed again.

You may have inherited or acquired an old and tired piece of furniture and it’s so tempting to just bin it and replace with new – before you do – stop!  Even if you don’t want the furniture, you can easily strip all the components to be used again.

Handles and hinges come away from furniture looking very rusty, horrendous and ready for the dump.  You’d be surprised about how simple it is give handles in particular a new lease of life.


Simply using a piece of sandpaper you can remove corroded and tarnished surfaces leaving your project ready to be admired again.

Start with a couple of coats of a strong black acrylic eggshell paint.  Leave to dry and then I use an embellishing paint, something like gilt cream which you can buy in all kinds of shades.

A silver or gold cream will allow you to highlight all the recesses in an ornate handle which shows off the intricate patterns.

To finish off, you give the handle a quick coat of varnish to seal the gilt cream.ducal-after-handle

Even if handles are plain and boring, never fear, these can be upcycled and using a crackle technique, they can be created to look like porcelain

See our do it yourself download: http://www.greeninmind.co.uk/content/download.html

You can even add imagery, patterns, harmonious colours, the only limitation is your imagination – love your handles!


!Reworking! Always a privilege, never a chore!

We’ve been working with patterns, colours, interiors and furnishings for over 20 years now. We’ve seen trends come and we’ve seen them go, some with sad goodbyes and some with fond farewells, but I’m proud to say that we have never been bored.

Our company, Green in Mind was set-up a couple of years ago in a response to our clients who didn’t just want to make over their home; they wanted to make over their furniture.  Some pieces had been with the clients since their Uni days and they felt that the table, dresser, wardrobe… whatever, deserved a new lease of life too!

digital silk on drawers

The business core aim is to rework and up cycle furniture.  I got introduced to furniture painting through my decorating business, the customers wanted something different and I could offer them something different and that’s how it started.

Now, I’m energized and amazed that I have a business that pays me to do what I’m good at and to do what I love as well as the fact that I can reduce landfill.

My roving eye and if I may say so, my exquisite taste, takes me to auctions and clearances where I discover beautiful  original, retro & classic pieces which have just been wasted, and all it takes is a little bit of tender loving care and you can completely and utterly transform it.

                                                                                                                                                   Upcycling retro furnishings are probably our most popular service. These pieces are angular and flat and lend themselves perfectly for us to create imagery to go on them We can keep the essence of the furniture and then we customize and decorate the drawers and doors.   It gives them a fantastic rebirth, from a dowdy brown drawer set to something exceptionally amazing.

Each and every piece of furniture that I create has a bit of my soul in it. It’s a piece of art work at the end of the day. Every piece is a piece of art work even whether it is digitally designed or whether its hand painted.  There’s a process in there that has to be right.  These are the words that I tell myself.  I’m a perfectionist, I’m an artist but most of all I’m Green in Mind.

Check back soon for more thoughts.

Next time I’m going to tell you about upcycling original ugly furniture handles into something amazing!