Upcycling Your Existing Furniture

If you have a tired, well used piece of furniture which you can't be without, but needs updating simply click here and fill out your contact details and a basic description of your furniture.
After receiving your details we will then contact you at your convenience to talk through a design style that suits your needs. We will then send a design spec and start date for your acceptance.

Benefits to upcycling furniture with us
We allow you to choose stylish, strong furniture from our gallery. We can also style your existing pieces, or source a specific piece to suit your requirements.

You can style it just the way you want to, creating a unique one off piece.
You don't have to conform to anybody else's designs but your own. It reduces waste and reduces resource consumption used to make new products.

It reduces CO2 emissions.

Buying or upcycling furniture with us is a unique, quick and very affordable process.

What is upcycling?
Upcycling is where old furniture is given a new lease of life by changing the way it looks to fit in today's lifestyle and to add more value.

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