We are a new and exciting company that re-works and upcycles retro and classic furniture.

We create fashionable exclusive one-off pieces for the modern home which are all produced by hand allowing our products to be as green as we possibly can.

We offer a brand new way of creating designer furniture giving our retro and classic pieces a new lease of life, with stunning digital imagery, amazing specialist paint effects & on-trend colours, whilst preserving some of their originality.

Our furniture has great eco-friendly benefits too. We believe that they reduce waste and resource consumption used to make new products; they reduce landfill sites and also lower CO2 emissions. All the products used to Source, design, package and deliver your furniture are as eco-friendly as possible. Therefore this makes our furniture the clear choice to reduce all our carbon footprints.Our furniture is carefully sourced to offer you the highest quality craftsmanship to create stunning pieces for your home.  

Our vision to sell upcycled furniture came about from re-evaluating our interior design business of 20 years, and how to bring business forward with new and exciting ideas, with the emphasis on our designs to cause as little harm as possible to the environment.

We wanted to combine our skills of Joanne’s accountancy and management, my interior design skills, artistic abilities and knack to find trends in design and colour.

We focused on our capability to create fashionable exclusive one-off pieces of furniture, with the process from start to finish being as green as we possibly could, from sourcing to styling to delivery and everything in-between.

We came up with a unique way of allowing customers to design their own one-off pieces of furniture, through a simple process which gives our customers an original and exciting way to shop online. 

And so our new business was born: www.greeninmind.co.uk Reworked upcycled furniture, Art and accessories

We hope you enjoy the site and have fun creating your special pieces of furniture. We welcome comments, so don’t be afraid to write to us for inspiration, help or advice.